Welcome to Deepspace! The place that gives you the chance to experience the beauty of 'things' in deepspace. If you love to see the pictures of breath-taking nebulae or galaxies and all, you have come to the right place. I have collected these fantastic pictures from many reliable resources such as NASA, and others astronomical related sites. Now let's see them all, for free!

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- The Gallery
  The huge gallery currently contains over 110 break-taking astronomy pictures, including nebulae, milky way, galaxies, aurorae and many more. All these images were taken with all kinds of 'camera' from manual camera, space observatory to hubble space telescope.

- Nebulae Info
  Since most of amazing pictures in this site are pitures of nebulae, I have some information about nabulae for you. To get the answer of the questions: What is a nebula? How many kinds of nebula that we know?

- Resources
  Where to get all these amazing pictures and information about nebulae. At these sites you can find tons of other kinds of astronomy pictures.

- From Webm@ster -

Arecibo Radio Observatory   26 Feb 2004 - Hey! This is not a new thing but they're doing it anyway. Do you know about the SETI@home Project? Some of you may currently be a user but for those who don't know about it. Well, it's a project that you can join to help searching for E.T. at home (or wherever you are) with your own computer. All you gotta do is go to this website and download a so-called special screen saver that analyzes the radio waves SETI teams have recorded from Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico. The file is not big and you can join it for free. If you believe that we're not alone in the universe, you shouldn't miss participating this project at all.

25 Feb 2004 - What up? My name is Toz, Pithan Rojanawong from Thailand and this is my website that has been onlined since 1999. I am so sorry that I haven't been updated this site for over a year. But that didn't stop people from coming here and gave me comments. I am really appreciate that and wanna thanks to all of you who have recently visit this site. Oh! And especially for you who signed my guestbook. All comments are welcome!

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- Links
  Without these websites, we wouldn't have chances to see things in 'deepspace'.

NSSDC Photo Gallery
Astronomy Pictures of the day
Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
The Web Nebulae

- About Me
  My name is Pithan Rojanawong people call me Toz. I have love for both arts and sciences and I have always been interested in Astronomy since I was little. Read more about me at www.pix3lite.com/


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